Show Off Your Stunning New Hair

Turn to us for a variety of weave services in Lawrenceville, GA

Do you crave a fresh, new look? You can get a new look instantly without worrying about your hair growing out. Stop by 5 Star Weaves in Lawrenceville, GA for a variety of weave options that are natural and chemical-free.

To prepare for your appointment, come in with clean, detangled hair. Feel free to bring your own weave, or you can buy one at our hair salon. Check out our weave options below.


  • Basic sew-in: $55 | Leave part of your hair out at the top to cover tracks | Up to two packs of hair
    *Last Up to 4 Weeks
  • Full sew-in: $80 | No hair left out | Comes with a style
  • Five-star net sew-in: Comes with a net to protect braids and help it last longer | You can choose to leave hair in or out | Includes a cut and style

Specialty Sew-In-Weaves

  • 5 Star Net Sew-in: $85
  • Lace closure sew-in: $135 | Allows you to have a part without any of your natural hair out | 4 x 4 piece
  • Lace frontal sew-in: $160 | Ear-to-ear lace piece | Allows you to create a part anywhere you want | 13 x 9 inches long
  • 360 lace: $210 | Goes all the way around your hairline | Allows you to pull hair into a high pony
  • Vixen sew-in: $150 | Allows you to wear multiple partings | Your entire perimeter is left out | You can wear it four ways
  • Three-way vixen: $150 | Two ponytails on the side and down the back
  • Four-way vixen: $150 | Four ponytails | Braids
  • Invisible part sew-in: $150 | No hair is left out | A part is made with the tracts of the sew-in | Shows your natural scalp
  • Multiple parts: $135 | Three-part or two-part sew-in
  • Braidless sew-in: $150 | Attach microlinks and sew the tracts onto the microlinks
  • 27-piece sew-in: $150


  • Quick weave: $49 | Leave some of your hair out
  • Full quick weave: $79 | No hair is left out
  • 27-piece weave: Glue In-$95 | Sew-in-$160


  • Weave removal: $25-50 & up
  • Remove Pony Tail Sew in: $75
  • Additional packs: $20 per piece
  • Curl: $25-$50
  • Small braids: $10
  • Extra small braids: $20
  • Detangle: $10-$20
  • Tightened: $25-50


Call 404-552-2366 today to schedule your appointment at 5 Star Weaves in Lawrenceville, GA. You're welcome to request your favorite hairstylist, too!